Selling liquidation products can be a very lucrative business both through ecommerce platforms and selling locally through brick and mortar stores, warehouse sales, resale sites and even flea markets and swap meets. Another term for the process of this is reverse logistics which is the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal. This is basically what all resellers are doing, buying products at a low value because current owner does not have the means to capture a higher market value, the difference in these two values minus fees is the reseller’s profit. The key consideration of buying and selling liquidation products is the acquisition of a high number of products in a single transaction. This is a huge advantage compared to resellers who go to thrift stores, second hand stores, auctions or hunt for deals locally though resale marketplaces. There is nothing like getting huge lots of inventory delivered right to your door step. In this video I unbox an entire pallet of Amazon Liquidation products. Check it out: