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We provide tons of free content for the general public through our resources page, social media pages and our YouTube channel. If you are looking for a more in depth coaching experience we do offer some paid options below. Contact me with any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What liquidation companies do you recommend?

We recommend various sites that can be found on our Resources Page and our Blog Page.

How much money do i need to start buying liquidation?

We found that you could start with as little as $500 but if you have a larger investment, you will be able to find better lots of inventory.

Do i need a warehouse?

No. Many companies will ship to your house or even to some storage facilities. 

aren't retail returns mostly trash?

Absolutely Not. Many items are sent back for the following reasons that in fact would make them salable:

-Incorrect item ordered

-Wrong Size/Color

-Didn’t look like pictures

-Gift, Not needed

-Found a better price

-Buyers Remourse

what tools would i need?

Check our resource page for a full list of recommened tools and supplies.

what is liquidation?

Liquidation is process of quickly reducing assets by selling off property at highly reduced price to interested parties. Otherwise know as reverse logistics. This site is focused on the liquidation of merchandise for resale on third party marketplaces.

Do i need employees?

This would depend on your busines model, but we recomend having at least one employee that can handle the tedious tasks of prepping, photographing and listing the item for sale.

should i pay for coaching?

This is a decision only you can make. If you are someone that needs encouragement and guidance that a coach is probably going to be helpful to you. If you are ambitious with a do-it yourself personality than you can probably do just fine with all the free content that is published relating to reselling liquidation. But, if you are looking to speed the process up than a coach is more likely to help you reach your business goals. 

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